Introduction: Easy Injection Gun

Make a very easy low power gun and scare your friends, especially those who are afraid of Injections

Step 1: Materials Required

You need only these few things
a Injection
a soap
wings (very optional)

Step 2: Making It

Prepare the needle
pierce the soap with Injection needle, 2-3 times

If you don't know how to make Wings then follow these
The Wings (again very optional)
fold any paper 8 times back and forth like a Chinese fan
cut the top in triangular shape as in picture
horizontally cut the paper about half a cm below the base of the triangle
join the two ends with tape to obtain the shape of Wings
place the wings on needle and use adhesive if needed

(I didn't liked the wings so I haven't used them)

Step 3: Using It

To use it
Remove the needle
Pull the handle of Injection back
Place the needle back (neither too firmly nor too loosely as it will either not allow air pressure to build or because of friction the needle would not launch)
Push the handle building air pressure inside and launching the needle

Step 4: Safety and Warning

Use your common sense while aiming and do not target animals or humans

No one except you will be responsible for damages

Step 5: Trouble Shooting

if the needle does not launch do the following
attach the nee to Injection more or less firmly
pierce the soap with needle again

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