Introduction: Easy Knex Exploding Throwable Bomb

This is a large bomb that doesn’t take many pieces. It’s very easy to create, and I think you’ll love it.


You will need:
4 yellow 5-slot
6 orange straight
4 green 4-slot
2 purple/gray 1-slot
2 red 3-slot
2 white 8-slot
Connecting Rods
4 yellow
1 red
1 white
3 grey spacers or 9 blue spacers
1 headlight piece (optional)

Step 1: The Core

Take one white connector, and snap the 4 yellow rods on every other space. Next, snap the white and red rods on each side of one of your orange connectors. Slide 2 gray spacers on the red rod. Slide the red rod through the hole in the snowflake connector. Last, Connect the other snowflake connector on the other side of the yellow rods.

Step 2: The Inner Warhead

This step is optional. Put a gray spacer first and then a headlight piece. On the other side of the red rod, snap an orange 2-way connector.

Step 3: The Shell

This next step might seem weird. Follow the pics

Step 4: You Are Finished!

Enjoy! Do step 3 to rebuild after exploded.