Introduction: Easy Leather Bracelet

This instructable is about how to create a simple and nice leather bracelet.

It was the first time I worked with leather, so I decided to create a leather bracelet because it is simple and doesn't require a lot of time or money. I also have other projects using leather, it's why I bought a couple of special tools, but you can do without. Just be creative and have fun !

Step 1: Tools and Materials

- A small piece of leather - I used leather offcuts because it’s very cheap (around 2€ in France)

- Transparent glue (I used an old one I found in a drawer, initially for plastic, but any other type will be ok).

- Scissors

(From left to right on the picture)

- Two needles and solid thread (mind was linen thread)

- Awl to drill holes for the thread, or anything else with a point around two times the size of your thread

- Wing divider to mark the location of the holes. You can do without, it just help to obtain a regular sewing. I’ve heard that you also can do that with a fork, but I never tried.

Step 2: Prepare Design and Draw on the Leather

I always make a fast drawing of what I want to make, just to be sure that I’m not forgetting anything, and to avoid size problems. But in this case, I did it more because of the habits than because I needed it.

I started by drawing the forms on the leather. Because it was just rectangular forms, I didn’t make patterns, I just took a set square and a rule.

Step 3: Cutt

The leather was around 0.03 inches of thickness, so I used scissors to cut it. Now when I cut thicker leathers, I use a knife and a rule, but for small pieces, I think scissors are more precise.

Step 4: Mark the Holes and Drill Them

With the wing divider, I marked the locations for the holes where it’s indicated on the plan. You can use a rule to be sure you’re marking strait.

After, I drill the holes with the awl. If you’re (like me) using a diamond awl, you will have to tilt the awl to prevent sewings from breaking with the time (see on the plan).

Step 5: Sew

I sewed all of the pieces with saddle stitch.

For that, you need two needles, one in every end of the thread. Pass the thread in the first hole. You have now one needle in every side of your pieces. Pass the first needle in the next hole. Then, pass the second needle in the same hold, but obviously in the opposite direction, and tighten slowly both sides of the thread. That’s it ! You just have to do the same for all the holes. To have a nice point, choose a side and always start yours points with the needle on this side ; for example I always start with the needle on the left. And be careful to not pass your second needle into the thread of the first needle, I did that a couple of times and it’s really complicated to go back.

After the last hole, to stop my thread, I do two stitches going back, I cut my thread as short as I can and I put a point of glue on it to secure.

Step 6: Final Strip

I made 3 holes at the ends of the bracelet, the one above the other one, and I passed a strip into them to close the bracelet. I made the strip in the same leather, with scissors.

If you have some metal letters, you can sign the bracelet using them and a hammer.

And that's it. I hope you enjoyed making it, and thanks for reading !


Ps : If you want, you can indicate my English mistakes by Inbox and I will be happy to correct them :).