Introduction: A Card Spell: a Fun and Easy Magic Trick

Who doesn't like a magic trick? Its a great ice breaker, and a great way to impress friends and younger relatives. We have a quick and simple trick that you can pick up for that next boring office party or family barbecue.

Step 1: Pick a Card

Find yourself a volunteer and have them pick a card

Step 2: Memorize It

Have them memorise their card

Step 3: Make Six Piles

Separate your cards into 6 piles. Count out two piles of 5 cards and randomly distribute the other 4.

Note- Practice counting the two piles and making it look discrete, this is the key to doing the trick successfully.

Step 4: Place the Card on a Pile

Ask your volunteer to place the card on top of any of the 6 piles

Step 5: Stack Them Up

Stack the piles on top of each other making sure that the pile with the volunteer's card is second from the top. The pile on top must be 1 of the counted piles of cards.

Step 6: Fan Your Cards

Fan your deck out and ask the volunteer if they see their card. Memorise the sixth card from your left. That is your volunteers card!

Step 7: Shuffle With Piles

You will once again separate the deck into 6 piles.

Count out 6 cards and place it in the first pile. Your volunteer's card is in that pile.

The next pile will be the same number of cards as the number of letters in your volunteer's card. (For example, count 12 cards because the "three of clubs" has 12 letters)

The other 4 can be randomly distributed randomly.

Step 8: Stack Them Again

Place the piles on top of each other making sure the pile of 12 is on top of the pile of 6. These two should be the top two piles on your deck.

Step 9: The Reveal

Spell out your volunteers card as you take out one card for each letter. Once you finish spelling out their card, flip over the next one, and reveal their card.

Step 10: Practice and Enjoy

The key to performing this trick flawlessly is to practice counting out your piles of cards without your volunteer realising. Once you have mastered this all thats left to do is find your self an audience and watch the continuous looks of amazement.