Introduction: Easy Nerf Camera Tripod

Imagine you're 12 years old and have just came out of "imaginary gunfights with nerf guns because I think it's cool" stage. You now have all these Nerf guns and accessories on your hands and you don't know what to do. Sell them? How about Up-Cycle them into usable things. So, If you're an aspiring teen, a photographer on a budget, someone who wants to take great photos for their instructable, or just and Average Joe who wants to save the planet by recycling, this project is for you. In this Instructable, I hope to teach you how to take an old Nerf tripod and convert it for camera use. Lets get to work.

Step 1: Parts

Here is what you'll need:

- Nerf Vulcan Tripod
-1/4" Bolt
-1/4" Nut
-1/4" Wing nut
-1/4" Flange Washer
- (Opt.) 1/4" Lock Washer


-1/4" Drill bit
-Philips Screwdriver
-(Opt.) File

You may be wondering, "Hey, What's with all the Quarter Inch Stuff? Can't I trade them for stuff I have in my parts bin or garage?"
Sorry, truth is, it has to be 1/4" because that is the size of the threads on almost all cameras and camcorders. Trust me, the bolt, nuts, and washers combined are going to only be about a dollar give or take at the hardware store. But if you have them in your parts bin, good for you.

Step 2: Take Off the Lid

I've already done this to my tripod but I took it apart for pictures so if you see things I haven't explained yet, I will in later steps. 
Our first objective is to remove the four screws on the top. After this is done, the lid should come off easily.

Step 3: Prepare for Drilling!

 Now, on the underside of the lid, there will be this "ridge". Remove it by peeling it off with pliers or filing it down. Honestly though, just use pliers, the plastic is soft enough.

Step 4: Drill!

 Now you can drill through the center of the lid with a 1/4" bit.

Step 5: Install the Bolt

 Put the 1/4" bolt through the lid (yes it must be 1/4"), like in the picture. When this is done (it takes like a second), thread the nut on and tighten with pliers. I do suggest using a lock washer but if you don't have one, just tighten down really good so that your camera won't spin.

Step 6: Replace the Lid

 Place the lid back on and screw it in.

Step 7: Camera Stability

 If you have a larger camera, to increase the stability, add a wing nut and a flange washer like so. It gives your camera a surface upon which to sit on

Step 8: Done!

 Now go and take great pictures! Here is an Instructable I published on how to take great photos. Kinda like in this instructable. It's pretty easy and cheap too!