Easy No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket




Introduction: Easy No-Sew Fleece Tie Blanket

If you’ve always wanted to make a blanket but haven’t
sewn anything since your junior-high home economics class, you’ll love this project. With just two pieces of fleece, a pair of scissors, measuring tape, sharpie, and kids who know how to tie knots, you’ll be able to make a cute and cozy no-sew fleece blanket in one evening without having to sew one bit. They make great gifts for expecting mothers, children, and even adults. Tip: Download Joann Fabric’s app for great coupons to save money on supplies.

You will need:

  1. Two pieces of any fleece of your choice
  2. Scissors
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Sharpie

(Easier to tie with a printed side and a solid side)

Types of Fleece:

Any type of fleece will work, but it should be chosen carefully, because the resulting blanket will be different for each material. These are some qualities of some common types of fleece.

· Anti-Pill (Balls off fabric wont rub off)

· Micro Fleece (Thinner)

· Blizzard Fleece (Thicker)

Step 1: Cut Texted White Strip Off or Any Extra Fabric Off

Before you begin cut off the rough edges (They're usually white and printed with text.) Don’t stress on getting your cuts even, it will not make a difference. Please keep in mind, the finished blanket will appear about 8- to 10-inches smaller than the size you cut because of the fringe.

Step 2: Align Fleece Together

Lay the fleece pieces flat on a table, with the back (wrong) sides facing each other (faded side of fabric). Make sure they are aligned before you begin your cutting, as you'll be cutting through both pieces at the same time, it is helpful to fold over the longer piece of fabric to make your cut. (Do not separate your fleece at any time).

Step 3: Cut the Corners Out

Cut out a four inch by four inch square from each corner of your fleece.

Step 4: Cut the Fringe

Simply, fold over one side as far as your corner cut is and make one-inch wide cuts all along the edges of your borders. Use a ruler or masking tape with one-inch markings on it for easy measurement. Or simply eye ball an inch by using the length of your thumb nail as shown below. (Make sure to cut from the inside out to ensure uniform lengths on fringe).

Step 5: Tie the Finge in Knots

Once your cuts are done, pick up a strip of fleece, keeping the patterned and solid fleece flat against each other. Loop the strip around and pull it through itself, making a firm knot. Tying it twice produces a single knot and tying it three or more times produces a double knot. Keep in mind, the larger the knot the less fringe you will have.

Step 6: Continue Knotting

Continue picking up strips and tying knots all the way around the blanket until you've completed them all. When
finished tying all the fringe, the blanket should be washed immediately, so that the knots will tighten up through the washing and drying of the blanket.

There you have it, a wonderful way to make a special personalized gift for that special someone. Think of all the possibilities you can do to have fun with this easy project by adding embroidery, ribbons, buttons the possibilities are endless and so are the prints of the fleece to really put together that thoughtful gift.

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 6

    I am making a new sew blanket i was no paying attention and i cut one of the corners twice on the blanket and I already started cutting the strips for knotting. How can I fix this problem? Please help! Thank you, Barbara


    5 years ago

    This looks awesome. Im going to have to try this


    5 years ago

    This IS great fun, goes together in a few hours, they're warm as all 'get-out', and always a much appreciated gift. I've made about a dozen.

    Tip #1: Save the corners, each blanket will produce eight 4 x 4 inch corners. Once you've made enough blankets (and they are addictive), you'll have accumulated enough for another blanket...made of corners sewn quickly together...(full size, baby crib blanket, lap blanket, shaw, etc). Back this new blanket (of corners) front with another piece of fleece! Nothing lost at all from the original product! SO cool, AND a keepsake reminder of all the other blankets you've produced, all rolled into one!

    Tip #2:Beware of dark solid fleece material...it will attract & show EACH & E V E R Y piece of lint in your country!!! A gently-patterned, or light solid is more practical this way.