Introduction: Easy, Non-Toxic Glitter Slime!

Necessary Materials:

  • Glue (preferably white Elmer’s)
    • We can’t speak to the consistency of other glues and see that Elmer’s is the best we have used - we only know how to do it with this particular brand
  • Food Coloring
  • Glitter
  • Shaving Cream
  • Contact Solution
  • Table Covering
    • Ex: tarp, wax paper, newspaper, etc.
  • Measuring Cups
  • Bowl
  • Disposable Spoon

There are many different recipes for slime on the Internet, and ours is one assured to be non-toxic. It avoids any ingredients that could cause most allergy problems (a.k.a. Borax), and the materials you need are fairly cheap. Not only is our slime non-toxic, but it also has glitter which makes it even more fun. It’s safe and still a good time for everyone involved in the creation process!

Step 1: Put Down Your Table Cover

  • In order to keep your creation space as clean as possible
  • We are using newspaper for our example

Step 2: Gather Supplies

  • Materials need to be added in a sequential order
  • Having them all nearby is a necessity

Step 3: Add 1/2 Cup of Glue to Bowl

May use your disposable spoon to scoop out any excess glue in your measuring cup

Step 4: Add 1/2 Cup of Shaving Cream to the Glue in the Bowl

  • If too much shaving cream is added, add more glue to the cup to even out the consistency.
  • You may have to use your disposable spoon to scoop out any excess shaving cream in your measuring cup.

Step 5: Mix the Glue and Shaving Cream Together Well

  • Use the disposable spoon to mix these two together until they are thoroughly blended
  • You will know that they are blended well win you can no longer tell the shaving cream and glue apart.

Step 6: Add Food Coloring and Glitter

  • Place approximately 2 drops of food coloring and pinches of glitter into the mixture.
    • You may use more food coloring to get the desired color, may take at least 10 drops to achieve a darker color
  • Add a pinch of glitter
    • Don't worry about adding too much, it takes a lot before the glitter starts appearing after mixing. Keep adding glitter until you slime is a sparkly as you desire.

Step 7: Stir As You Add Contact Solution to the Bowl

  • Continuously add contact solution while you stir your slime. It takes a lot of solution to achieve the correct consistency, so do not worry about adding too much.
  • You will know your slime is the correct consistency when it is no longer thin and runner, but somewhat thick and sticks together well
  • The green slime in the pictures would be too thin, while the blue slime is closer to the desired result.

Step 8: End Product

  • Now you have a cup or bag of Non-Toxic Glitter Slime to enjoy!

Step 9: Clean Up Procedure

  • Grab two ends of the table covering
  • Fold the ends together
  • Throw away