Introduction: Easy Paper Airplane Launchers (3 Types of Launchers!)

In this project I will be showing you how to make 3 types of paper airplane launchers.

Two launchers are rubber band powered and one is motorized.

These are very easy to make.

They fly paper airplanes without effort.


Paper Plane:

A4 Paper

1 Paper clip

1st launcher:


Fevicol, Hot glue gun

2 DC Motors

1 Battery Holder

Battery's depending on number of slots in battery holder

1 Switch

2 Wires

2nd launcher:

1 Pencil

1 Rubber band

3rd launcher:


1 Rubber band

Step 1: Making a Paper Airplane

Take an A4 Paper and fold it according to the image steps.

Then attach the paper clip to the front part of the airplane.

Step 2: 1st Launcher

Take some cardboard,fevicol and a hot glue gun.

Step 3: Making the Structure

Cut the cardboard into a rectangle and shape it however you want.

Cut two holes in the cardboard fitting the DC Motors.

Get all the electrical equipment ready. .

Step 4: Wiring

Stick the Switch, Battery holder under the cardboard.

Then attach all the wires together according to the image above.

Step 5: And That Is It, Your Motorized Launcher Is Ready!

Step 6: 2nd Launcher

For this launcher you only need a pencil and rubber band.

Hang the rubber band around the pencil.

Then attach the Paper airplanes paper clip to the rubber band.

And then your paper airplane is ready for flying.

Step 7: 3rd Launcher

You can make this launcher if you have Lego.

Build the Lego structure according to the image.

The rubber band should be inside the Lego.

Step 8: And That Is It You Can Launch Some Airplanes With This Lego Launcher!

Step 9: And Thats It, Your Launchers Are Ready to Take Some Planes Into the Sky!

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