Introduction: Easy Paper Helicopters Which Fly Forever (It Really Works!)

In this project i will be showing you how to make very easy paper helicopters and also how to make them fly forever or a very long time.

They do not take more than 2 minutes to make.

Also you do not need any special equipment for them to fly for a long time.

Keep reading to get to know the secret technique for making them fly forever.


Paper, Newspaper, or any light weight paper


Pen or Pencil


Step 1: Get All Your Materials

Tip: make your paper helicopters as accurate as possible with all the info given in the next step.

Step 2: Making the Helicopter

Take an A4 Sheet and cut out a rectangle.

The dimensions of the rectangle are:


Then fold the rectangle according to the template and steps shown in the images above.

And that is it your Paper helicopters are ready.

Step 3: Now the Secret of Flying Them Forever?

Turn on your ceiling fan and keep it in full speed.

Now get your helicopters and go to any empty corner of your house.

Now throw your helicopter in the air and see it fly continuously.

Step 4: The Science Behind This

The science behind this is very simple.

When you turn on the fan, the fan pushes all the air down under it.

And then due to the force the air rises up in the corners, making the helicopters stay in the air.

I have flown the helicopters like this and it worked.

When you use normal paper the helicopters fly but may fall some times.

This is due to the weight of the paper.

So then I used a newspaper, and it flew very well.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

As this is very easy you can try it out.

And if it does not work or you have any doubt please comment below and i will surely reply to you.

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