Introduction: Easy Peanut Butter Frozen Fudge

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Just like my fozen chocolate peanut butter fudge you can use this on ice cream and other deliousious treats!! and coming soon just plain chocolate. Like Erics colligate meals i have been inspired to come up with colliegate treats and deserts so even the worst cheif can make my easy delicious food.

thank you all of you who made my chocalate peanut butter fudge featured :)

Step 1:

Gather some peanut butter, powder sugar, corn syrup and something to mix in.

its a basic 1:1:1 ratio.

1 part peanut butter
1 part corn syrup
1 part powder sugar.

for my size I used 2 tablespoons of every thing and mixed all together, the powdered sugar thicken the penut butter and corn syrup to a dough like cookie dough. Only difference is cookie dough will bake into a cookie this would only make a war mushy mess! So you may eat this raw and not get sick for a while unless mold starts to grow.

Step 2:

ok so get a ziplock bag or saran wrap will do and lay the ball on and flatten it out then stick in the freezer for bout 5 hours and it will have the constancy of fudge cut and enjoy! if this was too short of an instructable im sorry but i think i do not any more detail.