Introduction: Easy Peasy Vege Fritters

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This is my family's favorite especially my 5 year old son. He will ask for this fritter as snack and it is easy to make.

Step 1: Simple Ingredient That You Need

What you need: 1. Flour 2. Vege of your choice 3. 1 free range egg 4. Warm water 5. Salt, black pepper for seasoning I like cabbage, carrot, yellow onion and potato for my vege fritters. You can add bean sprouts, bell pepper, spring onion or any vege you like. You can add red chillies if you like it spicy.

Step 2: Prepare the Mixture

1. Cut the vege into strips 2. Add egg and seasoning 3. Add the flour and mix gradually until the flour coatted the vege lightly. 4. Then add warm water. Mix. The mixture is not too thick nor light.

Step 3: Fry Your Fritters and Ready to Eat

It is nice to eat them as it is or with chillie sauce
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