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I hope you are all doing well. During this outbreak of Covid-19 we are all stuck at home and unable to buy stuff for projects. I have made a popsicle stick phone holder that can hold a phone. It is great just for scrolling down feed or watching a movie. In most of the steps there is a video that you can download. In the videos it shows how to do that step. I hope you like it.


Step 1: Glue the Base

The first step is to glue the base. Tale 3 popscicle sticks and put them 2cm away drom eachother. Then take 2 popscicle sticks and glue them to the front of the 3 sticks.

Step 2: Glue the Back of the Support

The next step is to glue on the back support. To do that take 3 popscicle sticks and put them 2cm away from eachother. Then take another popscicle stick and glue it to the top sticks for support.

Step 3: Connect the Front Support

The next step is to connect the front supports. Take 3 popsicle sticks and glue them from the bottom of the front stick to the top stick which we glued on to the top back sticks in the last step. Now you are ready to connect the phone stand.

Step 4: Connect the Phone Stand

The last step is to connect the phone stand. In order to do that you have to make it. To do that take 2 sticks and glue them together from only one side. Then put some glue on the stick in the front faces sideways and stick on the popsicle sticks. Then add a stabilizer to the front stick on the bottom so your phone does not fall down when you put your phone on the holder. To do that take a popsicle stick and glue it sideway on the bottom of the front stick. Now your phone holder is complete!

Step 5: Conclusion

Now we have a phone holder that is very strong and is good for watching a movie or scrolling through feed. If you like this please share it with friends.

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