Introduction: Easy Plastic Bag for Daily Use From Recycled Plastic!

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Tired of using leather bags? Here is a designer plastic bag you can make on your

own at home for daily usage. As the ingredients required for making the bag are the waste materials people generally throw away, the primary investment would be waste material and not money.

So, let’s begin the process of making a designer plastic bag which can be used for daily basis.

Things you need to have:

  • Plastic bag
  • Lace and colored rope
  • Craft mirror glasses
  • Pencil, scale, glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take an Old Plastic Bag

Here is how you can make this lovely designer plastic bag.

Take a plastic bag, scale, and a pencil. Fold the plastic bag into half and mark measurements of 6x8x10 inches on the plastic bag. Draw a plastic bag on the plastic. On the sides of the bag and the lower part, draw a small ark of around 1 inch. Cut the plastic and you would get two sides of the purse.

Step 2: Lets Begin Cutting

Now cut two strips of 4x12 inches from the remaining plastic. Take some glue and combine the end of the strips forming one single strip.

Now take one side of the 4-inch strip and mark 1 cm measurement with pencil on both the ends. Make similar measurements throughout the strip. When the complete strip is marked, draw out straight lines combining all the markings.

Step 3: Time to Stick the Pieces Together

Take a scissor and cut the end of the plastic at a particular distance till the lines marked on the plastic strip.

When the complete strip is cut, place glue on some portion of the cut-out ends. Now take one of the cut-out purse sides and stick the corner of the purse on the glued strip combining them. Don’t apply glue on the entire strip, add glue on small portions as you join the plastic for the purse. Join the entire purse that is sides and bottom on the strip.

Step 4: Time to Decorate

Similarly, on the other end of the strip, join the second purse side as you joined the first one. Make sure the cut-out strips remain in the inner side of the purse.

For decorating the plastic purse, take some craft mirror glasses and stick them on one side of the purse.

Now take lace and cover the mirror edges with the lace using some glue. Again, take another lace and decorate the opening end of the purse using glue.

Step 5: Add Some Embellishments

Now take two colored balls made out of cotton or wool and beaded lace. Take a proper portion of the lace and stick it to the ball forming small hanging charms out of it. Take both the charms and stick them on one end of the purse on the front side.

Step 6: Final Step

Finally, take a colored rope to form the handle of the purse and stick them on the inner side of the purse firmly. Take the same colored rope and stick it on the sides and bottom of the purse for complete decoration.

Your adorable purse is ready to use. Again, the length of the handle can be reduced or increased as per your requirement or desire. You can also take a colorful plastic for making the purse or color it of your own choice.

So, when are you making your own designer plastic bag? Comment us about your experience.