Introduction: Easy Pom Pom - Cute Mini Pom Pom DIY

So I just created the cutest mini pom pom ever!! :) Or at least to me it’s the cutest… so fluffy and pink! :) The best combination.

You can create this easy pom pom too and you can decorate so many things with pom poms - your clothes, hair accessories, pillows, shoes, greeting cards, jewelry, pillows, make DIY pompom toys, anything you like really! ;) They are so cute and round and colourful and.. and.. and..! You can see how excited I am about these cute little balls of fluffiness!

I love simple diy projects and simple life hacks so in this instructable I will show you how I make a DIY pompom my way. I know there is so many other ways to make them, but for me, if I only need one mini pom pom, I make it this way. It’s super easy as well and a lot of fun to make! You kind of feel like a hairdresser! Which was my childhood dream… as well as being an actress…. Oh well... :)))

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So go on and try to make your own easy pom pom to decorate something you love - you'll love it even more! :)

Step 1: Watch This Quick and Fun Video Tutorial!

You can watch this video for more fun or read written instructions below :)

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Get yarn of your choice and half of a wide drinking straw (mine was from McDonalds) and wrap it around the straw about hundred times or so (depending on the size of your yarn). Cut the end off, then cut a small piece of yarn and thread it through the straw. Then holding the ball of yarn firmly, remove the straw. Bring both ends of the yarn together and tie a double knot - and make it super tight!

Step 3: Pretend You Are a Hairdresser...

Get a pair of sharp scissors and start first cutting through all the loops of yarn and then cut even more off to create a nice and even ball. Once you are happy with the size of it, rub it between the palms of your hands to make it even more fluffy and you have created yourself a cute mini pom pom! Now it's up to you what you'll do with it :)

Step 4: :)

Add eyes and mouth to it and pretend it's a small creature... Of course do this in secret so no one can actually see you... You can now play with your new friend or just talk to him and I promise he will listen. Ok, am I going to far here?... Ehm, never mind... :)

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