Introduction: Easy Post Apocalyptic Horror House Character. or a Simple Walking Dead Survivor Costume.

In this instructable ( my first to publish) I will be showing you my costume for the 2013 season. To be honest this was more of a last minute costume using some of my larp gear.

Step 1: Starting From the Legs.

If you're wanting this to look exactaly like mine did I'm using a pair of grey distressed skinny jeans by rude xxx my t shirt is just an old black shirt. I'm also using a pair of converse black high tops.

Step 2: Hips to Shoulders

I was going to use a blank black shirt but I couldn't seem to find mine. So Im using an old Star Wars epic fail shirt from hot topic. The vest is also from hot topic but it's actually a jacket with detachable sleeves. Use any belt you would like!

Step 3: Armor?

Alright so I cold forge for a hobby and I dipped into my larp collection for my grieve. (Sorry for the rainbow sock.)

Step 4: Weapons!

I personally enjoy ranged weapons but I didn't have a string for a bow so I reverted to Orc like logic and made a club. Simple weapon but it does the trick. And if I need to break something like pumpkin I've got the right tool.

Step 5: Optional Step: Cloak.

I chose to wear a cloak and let me tell you interior paint does not dry quickly. My cloak was sewn out of an old cotton bed sheet. And it's really warm so it's a win win. If you're going to paint have some music or diversion while you wait. You'll thank me later.

Step 6: Decorate

Do it to your hearts content. I have a hand forged cloak pin and a small belt pouch in my set up.

Step 7: Optional Makeup

Do your make up and hair if you'd like that it is not required but a fun step to add. I personally extend my cheek bones and excentuate my temples along with jaw line.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Halloween!

Have fun and be safe! This costume was quite a bit of fun to make. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Thanks for the view!
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