Introduction: Easy Rag Doll

Tools and Materials you will need:

  • Fabrics, to make the body. Use the required amount according to the size of the doll you are going to make. I used fabrics of a beach towel. I used about a meter and a half of fabric. From head to toe the doll measures 30 inches.
  • For filling the body, you will need fiberfill. You could use an old pillow or piece of cloth torn.
  • Sewing thread for joining the body of the doll.
  • Wool for facial features and to make the hair.
  • Yarn needle for the design of facial feature. Use of black wool to make the outline drawings.

  • Scissors, Pins, Safety Pin and a Sewing Machine

Step 1: Cut and Assemble the Body of the Doll

  1. Cut the Fabrics folded in half, a circle for the head of the doll, to make the body cut a square, to make the legs and arms cut rectangles.
  2. Fill the body pieces with your choice of stuffing.
  3. Assemble the pieces of the body of the doll together.

Step 2: The Design of the Face

Use a pencil to draw the facial features. With your needle and wool, make the outline of your drawing. I add some picture idea to help you in choosing the mouth and eyes. Making the face of the doll is the longest part. Be prepared for SEVERAL hours of work.

Step 3: Making the Hair of the Rag Doll

Cut pieces of wool the desired size. Sew the piece of wool together as shown in the first image. Sew over the head of the doll the hair pieces.