Introduction: Easy Reindeer Couples Ugly Sweater


- Pair of White, Cream or Brown wool gloves
- 2 plain sweatshirts, blue, red or green
- Sewing Needle
- Thread that matches your gloves
- A yard of Light Brown fabric
- Iron-on sewing tape
- Sewing pencil
- White tulle
- 5 Christmas present bows
- Small scrap of dark brown fabric(optional)
- Pin-on US Army First Lieutenant bars (optional)
- Red Christmas tree bulb

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the process but I will explain it and show a picture of the results.

Step 1: Cut Out Reindeer Pattern

Using the sewing pencil, draw a reindeer shaped body and legs out of the light brown fabric. Cut an oval head out of the same fabric. Make the body a little longer than you would think. I used the following image for inspiration when drawing the body and head. The body+head should be large enough to fill both sweaters.

Step 2: Prepare Gloves

Cut the wrists off both gloves, leaving about an inch and keep for scraps later. The gloves will be used for the antlers. Take the scrapped wrists and cut 3"x1.5" half ovals of of them, these will be used for the eyes.

Step 3: Prepare and Sew Reindeer Onto Sweater

Cut the reindeer body in half. Pin the reindeer body front onto one of the sweatshirts. Pin the reindeer head to the reindeer body and position to your liking. Pin the reindeer body back onto the other sweatshirt.

Have you and your partner test fit the sweatshirts. Make sure a full reindeer is formed when you two stand together. This is why you cut the reindeer a little long, the body will probably have to wrap around your side a bit to get it to look continuous when you stand together. Adjust the positioning as needed.

After making final adjustments to the position, use the iron-on tape to attach the head, front body, and back body to the sweatshirts.

Step 4: Sew on Antlers and Eyes

Pin the gloves(antlers) onto the sweatshirt above the head. Position them so they are angled away from each other. I used the thumbs on the inside but whatever you think looks best. Make sure the fingers are spread out to simulate the tines of the antlers. Use the needle and thread to sew the gloves onto the sweatshirt. I just sewed across the bottom of the glove and then the top of each finger and thumb.

Pin the half oval glove pieces to the upper middle of the head to form the eyes. I pinned them so the bottoms were touching and angled them away from each other. Once positioned, use the needle and thread to sew them to the head/sweatshirt.

Step 5: Add Details to Finish Sweater


Pin the First Lieutenant bars to the bottom of the half oval eyes to form the pupils. You can also sew on black fabric or use a black Sharpie to form the pupils.


Sew the red Christmas bulb onto the bottom of the head to form the nose. May want to glue the top piece used for hanging the ornament to the bulb body so it doesn't fall off.


Sew the white tulle to the bottom of the sweatshirt under the legs to form the snow(leave room for the hooves if wanted). I sewed it at random points to give it some texture.

Reindeer poop(optional):

Use the Christmas present bows(now you know where the come from) to form "reindeer poop". Position them in a "stream" emanating from the rear end of the reindeer bottom and form a small pile on the snow. Sew them on using the needle and thread through the sticky tab on each bow.


Cut 4 squares the width of the reindeer legs out of the dark brown fabric. Position and sew on the fabric to the bottom of each leg to form the hooves.
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