Easy Roof Window Curtain With Lego

Introduction: Easy Roof Window Curtain With Lego

This is my first Instruction.

Building time is less than an Hour and it is realy easy to make


6x Lego Bricks ( 8Pin)


6x Cable ties

Lego Tape

Old Bed Linen


Small Drill




Step 1: Prepairing the Bricks

Drill tiny Holes (1-2mm) in the Bricks and build it like this with the thread

Dont forget to Cut the End of the thread

Step 2: Cutting

1. Cut the bed linen in the right size (Windowsize)

2.Install the lego bricks with the cable ties to the Curtain (all edges and in the middle from the sides)

Step 3: Installing the Curtain

1. Cut the Lego tape to 8 pin stripes

2.Glue the Lego stripes to the Side of your Window

3.Clip it and Have Fun with your brand New Lego Roofwindow Curtain

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    LEGO bricks seem so hard to take apart! I imagine this would work really well keeping it in palce :)