Introduction: Easy Roulette With D6

About: I'm a guy from Hungary. Musician, amateur astronomer, DIY-fan, airplane-fan, etc. My hobbies are important for me. In my home country the DIY-concept is an old tradition, so I became a fan in my early years.

This is a very simple and quick game based on the roulette game, but using a D6 die.

If you are on a party or a hiking, and haven't a handy roulette table with that special wheel and marble, or the place is too small to install the full requirements for it, that's enough to find a small flat surface like even a cover of a larger book, and one 6 sided die, and this "poor man's roulette" is ready to play.

Step 1: What You Need

First let's see the "table". I've made it in a printable version, but anyone can draw on a blank A4 sheet, but even the dining table in a restaurant when play a bit before the waitress serves the ordered dishes:-) You can see and download the sheet, if you want, you can copy it on a scrollable green felt sheet - ad libitum.

For tokens you may use change money (cents), or any other small plastic tokens with different colours to value them 1, 2, 5, 10. And - that's all. Take a dice, elect a banker (or not), put the stakes, and let someone (the banker, if any) roll one with the die.

Step 2: Counting and the Odds

The odds are the followings:

ODD or EVEN = 2x

LEFT or RIGHT = 2x

LOW (1-2) or MIDDLE (3-4) or HIGH (5-6) = 3x

TWO adjacent NUMBERS = 3x


Because of the math putting tokens for "four adjacent numbers" on their cross-point (for example: 1,6,2,5) is not necessary.

This game is very quick and funny, and - unlike the real roulette - the odds are totally balanced, because there is not "0", which is always gives plus odds for the bank. This small game is, of course, not a real gambling, but may be funny when you are waiting for a train, or a dinner, rest for a bit during a hike, getting to be bored on a long bus travel, or any other times. Have fun with it.