Introduction: Easy Rubber Band Gun

This is my design for a craft stick rubber band gun. I have seen different designs for this, but I think this one is the best. I think I have seen it somewhere before, so if you are the original creator, please let me know. I have no intention of copying you or anything like that. That aside, please enjoy this instructable and favorite, comment, and follow me if you had fun making!

Step 1: Materials

Here are the materials you need for this project:
- One craft stick/popsicle stick
- Small rubber bands (no need for a specific amount)
And here are the tools needed:
- Utility knife

Step 2: Making the Rubber Band Gun

Here is how to make the rubber band gun (if you didn't see the big boldface letters of the title).
1. Carve out a small notch in one end of the rubber band gun.
2. Measure back to wherever you want the second notch to be (the farther back this cut is, the more powerful the gun will be) and mark the spot
3. Cut straight down about 1 mm on your mark, then make a diagonal cut from the back to meet the bottom of the first cut
Use the pictures for reference if you are confused.

Now you are done! All you need to do is set a rubber band into the front notch and pull it back to the second notch. Hold it from the back and move your thumb up to move the rubber band. It should go flying! Have fun and don't shoot your eye out!