Introduction: Easy Shelf for Office Nook

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My office desk nook was missing something

I gathered materials I already had around the house to create this hanging shelf.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials used:

  • Damaged Shelf from an old Ikea stand (Ikea was nice enough to replace)
  • Threaded hooks
  • Channel Locks
  • Kobalt 10" Hand Saw
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tin Foil or Parchment Paper
  • Metal L Ruler

Step 2: Hooks

To insure the shelf is secured, I clamped the regular utility hook into a Q hook.

Step 3: Measure & Cut

I measured an inch from the left and right edges on each side of the shelf and created two 1/4 inch notches on the back side of the shelf. This is where the twine will rest. This also prevents the twine from sliding off.

Step 4: Twine/Shelf Arms

Then, I measured and cut two 24 inch pieces of twine. Each piece is folded in half and evenly looped around the front and back of the shelf so that the twine rests in the notch on the back side.

Step 5: Knots

I tied the ends into slip knots, the makes it easier to level out the shelf once it is hanging.

Step 6: Wall Hooks

I measured the height I wanted the wood of the shelf to hang to. Then, with the twine "arms" stretched up in a triangle, I marked where the loop would have to hang on the wall to have the wood part hang where I wanted it to.

Once the Q hooks were screwed into the wall, I hung the self and adjusted the slip knot loops to level it out. I just used a level app on my phone to do so.

Step 7: Secure the Knots

I am sure if you are a sailor or pro-knot tie-er, there is a better way to do this. However, since I had my twine set at the length I needed to keep the self level, I tightened it as much as I could and then hot glued each "arm".

I used aluminum foil to rest the knots on, but I am sure parchment paper would work better. Once the glue was dry and hardened (maybe 20 min later) and hung the shelf.


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