Introduction: Easy Shoe Rack Made From Pallets for My Attic

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Hello one more time :)

So it has been a while that I wanted to buy a shoe rack. But I didn't want the normal ones that have two shelves and fits around 6 pair of shoes. Plus I wanted to buy something CHEAP.

One night when I went to bed DING; why not to build out one from a pallet for free which can fit more than 6 pair of shoes?

Because it was one of the easiest projects I ever done I haven't taken a lot of pictures like the rest of my projects and I wasn't planning to do an instractuble for it. But why not? And since the photos I took are enough to give you the sense of how easy the project is in order to build one by your self.

Step 1: Tools

The things that you are going to need.
  • 1 Pallet (in good condition)
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Sand paper
  • Stain/Paint
  • Saw
If you do any kind of woodworking you'll probably have all of the above. ZERO COST.

Step 2: How to Start

  1. Disassemble the pallet
  2. Decide the length/height of your shoe rack
  3. Cut the correct dimensions
  4. Sand the pallet

Step 3: Assembly

No there is nothing tricky.

Just keep in mind that the space you are going to keep between each other wood that the shoes will be placed it depends from your shoes. If you have athlete shoes keep the space narrow, for boots give a little extra space and for flip flops just a tiny gap.

You are ready to assembly the shoe rack. Since it is not going to get any heavy load just nails are ok/easy/fast.

Step 4: Finish the Product

I choose the particular stain because I wanted my shoe rack to match the colour of the attic.

Super easy and fast to build try it yourself.

Step 5: Don't Forget

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