Introduction: Wooden Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels for Living Room

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Hello Again,

It's been a while since the last instructable and I hope you are all ok :)
So this time I decided to make a wooden pallet table with wheels since I made a normal one and a more complicated one with a shelf in the middle for decoration.
The idea for the third one was the wheels.

Tip: On the way I decided that screws wont be visible!

Step 1: Gathering the Essentials

What you need:
  • Wooden pallets! (wow)
  • Glue
  • Joining Wood
  • Screws
  • Wheels (2 euro each)
  • Bases for the wheels (bought for 7Euro)
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Woodworm Killer
  • Silicon Bases
  • Electric/Normal saw
  • Electric drill
I had most of them from previous woodworks I did except the wheels and the pieces of wood I used as base for the wheels. The paint was also bought. 0,5L for 8 euros I think.

Step 2: How to Start

Well, I believe you all know how to start.
  1.  Disassemble the pallets. (I'm always getting mad with it)
                   Be careful not to brake the pallets... :/
                    I broke some of the cubes that were in the middle of the pallet and I had to make new.
                   Glued together some pieces from pallets and try to make the appropriate thickness you are going to need.
                   Clamp it and Let it dry.
                   Cut the cubes!

        2.   Decide the dimensions of your table, mine was 120cmX63cm.

                  The length of the 1st pallet was 120cm but the 2nd one was 100cm.

                  So I decided to cut some smaller pieces of wood of 20cm to join them.
                  Glue them & screw them with the rest 100cm and make them longer, 120cm.

        3.   Another problem I had to deal with was the thickness of each piece of wood. It wasn't the same and I would have had a problem  on levelling the table and the glass on the top.In order to reduce/avoid that issue I used a piece of wood that I had stored from a previous woodwork I did. (Was Bought for 5Euro)

Step 3: Sanding/Woodworm/Sanding

After you have the correct dimensions of the pieces you are going to need you can start sanding. You can sand them before you cut the correct dimensions but you are going to sand unnecessary pieces of wood.

I always use woodworm since most of my pallets are old or found around in the fields but even if they are new it's just for precaution.

After you apply the woodworm killer you can do some more sanding for better smoothing.

Step 4: Apply the Primer and Do Some More Sanding

Apply the primer, let it dry & do some more sanding for smoothing!

Step 5: Painting!

By now your primed wooden pallets are smooth enough.
Time for painting.

Step 6: Assembling

Title says Everything!
I'm using glue on assembling also and as I mentioned at the beginning I don't want the screws to be visible from the top of the table so I'm starting from upside down.

Step 7: The Base With the Wheels

Step 8: Assembly Continues With the Wooden Blocks

Since I don't want to add any screws from the top side and being visible I'm using joining woods in order to assembly the wooden blocks with the rest of the pallet.
When the holes are drilled add some glue in the holes, on the joining wood and on the surface that the wooden block will be attached at.
Clamp the blocks and keep them clamped for about 24hrs.

Step 9: Final Touches

Now that the table is ready do some more painting where is necessary; if there are any scratches like mine.

Drill the top for the silicon bases
Add the silicon bases
Place the table where was meant to be
Take plenty of photos!

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