Introduction: Restoration of an Old Wooden Mixing Bowl. SKAFIDI or SKAFI

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Well i'm pretty sure most of you have never seen one nor you have any kind of clue what SKAFI it is.

It is a component which in earlier years they were using it for mixing flour+water and make traditional baking bread.

If any of you have ever seen one but not in CYPRUS or GREECE let me know the country.

So let's start.

I found one and as you can see from the pictures have a lot of white paint marks it's cracked and have nailed aluminium.

When the SKAFI was cracked people used to nail some aluminium in order to slow down and prevent any further crack.

Step 1: Remove the Aluminium

I have started removing all the aluminium and almost all the nails I could.

Step 2: Sanding the Skafi

When I had the aluminium removed I proceeded to the sanding.

Step 3: Apply Woodworm

As I 'm placing SKAFI home I wanted to apply woodworm as a precaution.

Step 4: Glue the Cracks

Firstly I cut some sandpaper and I pass it through the crack from one side to the other and I cleaned the cracks very carefully.

In order to stop the crack continue I apply epoxy in the cracks and I can say that it did a very good work because the two edges have stop moving up and down and even if I was putting power to check it, it didn't moved even a 0,01cm.

I thought I took pictures of the cracks filled with glue but I didn't :/

Step 5: Painting the Skafi

I choose the mahogany colour because there was some rust at the back which I couldn't remove the red rusty colour.

Step 6: Finished and Home for Resting

Nowadays people are using them for decorating purposes so do I.