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In this Instructable, I SBTopzzz will be here with an Amazing method which can help you find Square of 3-Digit Integers in seconds!

This method implies no Mathematical formula, all contains

I will demonstrate it to you.

So shall we Begin? Go Next.

Step 1: To Do(I)

First of all.

Take or Choose any 3-Digit number in your mind, For Eg:- 998(Large Number).

Now we are gonna find the Square of 998.

For that, please proceed.

Step 2: Simple Steps to Do(II)

This method is 80%-90% similar to my previous Instructable. If you have gone through it, its fine.

1). Take your Integer(998).

2). Add the Unit-Digit to the whole Number.(For Eg:- 998+8=1006(Unit-Digit is 8))

3). Take the result into Reference.

4). Now perform Second Step by just subtracting the Unit-Digit from the whole number and Dividing it by 10.

(For Eg:- 998-8=990, 990/10=99.(Unit-Digit is 8))

5). Now take both results.(1006 & 99)

6). Multiply both of them.(1006x99=99594)


Step 3: To Do(III)(Final)

After multiplying them, take the Result into Reference.(99594)

Before going forward, get the Square of the Unit-Digit of the choosed number in the Beginning.

(998(Unit-Digit is 8), 8x8=64)

Taking the Tenth-Digit of the result, Add it to the another Result you obtained by Multiplication.

(For Eg:- 8x8=64(Tenth-Digit is 6), another Result is 99594, 99594+6=99600)(This might be tricky, take a look in the above Picture).

Taking the Unit-Digit of the result, place it to the end of the Main Result.

(For Eg:- 8x8=64(Unit-Digit is 4), Main Result is 99600, placing the Unit-Digit(99600 And 4=996004))

Here we got, 998x998 = 996004.

Practising this method makes you Calculate more faster and quickly

Thank-You for having a Look at my Instructable.