Introduction: Easy Stained Glass Image

Start by finding an image that you would like to draw or come up with your own. It can be a scene or an abstract it's up to you.


Colored Sharpies

Tissue-box/something that won't seep through

Step 1: Sketch

Sketch the image onto your surface as best you can. It doesn't have to be perfect just dark enough that you can outline over it.

Step 2: Trace

Come in with the black sharpie and trace over your sketch. I am doing a sunset at a beach scene and you can see how simple th actual image is.

Step 3: Add Breaking Lines

In an actual stained glass window, there are dividing lines where each glass piece is placed. The black dividing lines that you will draw will act as this break. Add dividing lines wherever and in any pattern you want. I tried to make my lines flow with my image, but you can break up your picture however you like.

Step 4: Color

Use the Sharpies or markers to fill in your scene however you want. Staying within the black lines.

Step 5: Finish

Go over any lines you feel aren't dark enough or check to see that everything looks good. If you think so, you are done!