Introduction: Easy Time in a Jar Capsule

Time Capsules are an effective way of communicating with the future either ourselves or someone else. There are a lot of fantastic ideas about what you could typically do with a time capsule.For mine, I'm genuinely thinking I might just make it a treasure hunt for my kids and grandkids when I die and send them on a great chase like in National Treasure. I could naturally include detailed instructions with my will along with a treasure map.But why wait this, would be a great idea to do with kids and adults right now especially with social distancing being a contributing factor. Send them on a treasure hunt, who doesn't love a treasure hunt?


What you will need for this project

1 Large size Mason Jar with a tight fitting lid

3 or 4 silica packets - I just used the ones that came out of tylenol bottles, but they sell them on amazon

Label for the jar

Detailed map and record of location where your time capsule will be buried

Repurposed foam Ice chest

and of course your treasures

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this capsule, I will use a Mason Jar and make it as water and airtight as possible I have some of these silica moisture absorbers I will throw in just to be safe. The only problem is Mason Jars break if someone with a shovel accidentally hits it digging it up, I found this great idea that involves burying rebar so that it gets hit with the shovel first giving the warning that treasure is present, Ill include a picture at the end. I also want to add a little extra protection and am repurposing a foam ice chest for an extra layer.

Step 2:

Step 3: Gather Your Treasure

There are so many options here. I want to convey what life is like in this century, but also leave them some things that are personal for our family and of course treasure!

You can do anything you want so long as it fits in your jar. Some good ideas are old photos, newspaper clippings, small trinkets, small toys,keepsakes, memorabilia from trips you have taken. I thought about doing a small tape recorder and tape with my voice on it as I have been told by several people who lost their parents that they would give anything just to hear their voice again, if you do anything electronic be sure and remove the batteries they don't age well and may end up leaking battery acid. Another idea is money and jewelry, just remember there is a chance someone else may find the time capsule and not the person you intend.

For mine Im going to fill it with :

- Some old photos I had printed on acid free paper

- Some small rocks my children gathered for me on a beach trip when they were little

- Some special pieces of jewelry my children especially liked

- A newspaper clipping from this year wrapped in acid free paper

- Also some pressed flowers from my children's birth albums

- A personalized letter to my children and grandchildren

Step 4: Fill Your Time Capsule

When you fill the time capsule, place heavy and less delicate items on the bottom. Pictures and textiles should be wrapped in acid-free paper and place into archival sleeves any plastic or rubber should also be wrapped in separate sleeves this is to prevent any acidic vapors from transferring over to the rest of the items.

Place a label in your time capsule on the inside of the glass facing towards the outside, so whoever finds it will know what it is (see pictures). And of course, don't forget the moisture absorbers for extra measure.

Then screw your lid on tight and get ready to hide your treasure!

Step 5: Location Location Location

Now where to bury your time capsule. Obviously don't go dig up your neighbors plum tree to bury your memorabilia that would be illegal. I heard someone say one time they would bury it with their cat Fluffy that died in second grade. I wouldn't suggest this either because it would be gross and disturbing.

This site time capsule has excellent suggestions on the burial of time capsules.

Also, this man is a pro at burying caches of goods everywhere How to bury your valuables

Wherever you decide to stash your treasure just remember to have fun with it.

Here's an interesting link about the history of time capsules and some of the oldest capsules found Famous time capsules

Im off to build and bury my Time Capsule!

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