Introduction: DIY Hidden Stash Spray Can

I use a great foam can because I have tons of them for my work and no one would dare mess with them, but you can use spray paint, shaving cream, off mosquito spray etc.

Once its finished you would really have to be looking for it to know its not quite right.


- Empty Spray can - evacuate all air

- Can Opener

- Nitrile Gloves

- The adhesive of your choice (I use epoxy putty)

- Empty Bullion Plastic Jar

- sanding block

- acetone

- clean rag

Step 1: Empty Air From Can

Empty all the air from your spray can because its compressed air and when you go to cut the can open whatever your can held will come spraying out of your new cut. I usually walk around for about 30 minutes with the button pressed or until I don't hear any more air escaping.

Step 2: Open Your Can Carefully With Can Opener

Now take your can opener and very carefully puncture the bottom of the can along the seam as shown. This is when you will find out if you got all the air out so I would wear safety glasses if you have never done this before. After you make the first puncture carefully operate the can opener to fully cut off the bottom of the can.

Step 3: Sand Down Any Jagged Edges

If you were really careful opening the can you should just have an extremely straight seam, but it doesn't always work that way so sand down any jagged edges that might snag on something or cut you.

Step 4: Clean Your Can

Now your going to want to clean your can out really good so that the adhesive you will be using will make good contact. Pretty much anything comes out with acetone. Be sure to do this part somewhere you have plenty of fresh air.

Step 5: Test Fit Your Inside Jar

For the inside of your can, you are going to want to choose something that fits inside your can and has a screw-on lid so that you can make the bottom of the can flush with the seam. I use a bullion jar because it fits perfectly inside the foam can and has a nice wide lid. Be sure to test fit your jar but don't push it all the way in because it will be hard to get back out.

Step 6: Adhere Your Screw Lid

At this point you are going to want to attach your screw lid to the inside bottom of your can I use the jb weld putty it's super-fast setting, then I don't have to wait too long because I have the patience level of a three year old. Also if you use the putty be sure to wear nitrile gloves so you don't get epoxy all over your fingers.

Make sure to get it perfectly centered otherwise you will have a crooked bottom on your stash can

Step 7: Adhere Jar to Inside of Can

Apply whatever adhesive you are using to the inside of your can, then take your jar with the lid securely attached and insert your jar into the stash can with the adhesive .Insert all the way until the top of the lid is no longer visible and wait for your adhesive to set.

Step 8: Now Unscrew the Bottom

Once your adhesive has set go ahead and unscrew the bottom of your can and put it to use.

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