Introduction: Easy Vertical Garden

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Here we create a cheap and easy vertical garden using an old shoe organiser. This could be used to cover an unsightly wall or fence, to garden where space is limited or to simply grow on small plants until they are ready to transfer into larger pots or in the garden.

You will need:

  • A shoe organiser and hooks (any except the mesh type will do)
  • Length of scrap wood
  • Some exterior wood screws
  • Compost (Perlite/Vermiculite optional)
  • Enough plants to fill each pocket and suitable for the space, suggestions include
    • Petunias
    • Pansies
    • Fuscias
    • Geraniums
    • Herbs (i.e. basil, coriander, mint)

Step 1: Creating a Support

The shoe organiser is designed to be hooked over a door so we need to first build a simple ledge in which to attach the supplied hooks.

  • Cut your piece of scrap wood to the length required depending on the number and type of organiser you are using.
  • Attach the wooden rail to your wall/fence using screws or similar, being sure to leave a small gap between the wood and the wall in which the hooks can be placed

Step 2: Attaching the Organiser

The shoe organisers are usually made of fabric and are not designed to be used outside so will not last forever. They can be reinforced (or repaired in my case) using staples. Hang the organiser on the hooks using the eyelets.

Step 3: Mix and Fill With Compost

To help prevent the soil drying out, I recommend mixing together some good quality general purpose compost with vermiculite or perlite (approx. 1 part to every 4 parts compost). Fill each pocket, leaving space for planting.

Step 4: Plant Your Garden

Gather up your plants and fill each pocket with one being sure to intersperse plant types for a more decorative and evenly spread display.

Step 5: Don't Forget to Water

Water well and continue to water regularly. If you water from the top gravity will ensure those at the bottom get some but just be careful not to over water!

Finally you may want to add some slug pellets (or humane slug traps) as your new garden will likely be the hotest diner in town for the next few weeks!

Also why not combine this with my wireless soil moisture sensor to monitor and remind you when to water, good luck!

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