Introduction: Easy Wallet Waterproofing

Hello! This is just an easy and cheap way to keep the cash in your wallet dry. It's not very high tech but it does work pretty fine. I'm going to be adding some tape as lining to the inside of the wallet. Whether your wallet gets rained on, sweaty (yeah, I know) or you just want some peace of mind for your bills you can use this cheap form of protection.

I'll be lining the inside and not outside of the wallet because I don't want to change its appearance
Please bear with me; this is my first instruct able.

Step 1: Materials

All you really need is
• Your wallet of choice
• A pair of scissors
• Transparent packaging/ moving tape
• A ruler

You should also have a pen and paper handy, but I'd forgotten about those when I took the picture.
You've gotta have these items in your household anyway, right? :)

Step 2: Step 1

Remove any money or cards from your wallet and set it aside.

Step 3: Measure and Record

The actual important measurement here is the length of your wallet's cash pocket (that's what I'll call it). Make sure you measure from where the actual pocket begins, not where the entire wallet begins (I can't explain it. Don't measure the outside seam thingy).

Next you'll need to record the height of your wallet. Don't sweat it. It's not as important as the length (haha.). You should stick the ruler in vertically and see how tall the pocket is; see the picture for explanation.

Step 4: Cutting the Tape

Unroll the tape to however long your wallet is (The first measurement). Mark it and cut it.

Step 5: Lining the Pocket

It's much easier to turn your wallet inside out if you can. Leather wallets might not turn inside out. It's harder to add tape there, but I guess it could be done if you REALLY wanted to line your leather wallet you could just have someone hold the wallet open for you while you tape the inside of the pocket. I don't use a leather wallet so I'll just be turning the inside of my wallet out.

Tape the inside of your wallet.

Add more tape of the same length to the pocket; you'll have to do some more tape cutting.
Just make sure the entire pocket is lined with transparent tape.

Step 6: And Repeat

Just do the same thing for the reverse side. The entire inside should be covered with tape.

Step 7: Final Step

Turn your wallet inside out agin so it is normal.
Put your cards and cash back in.

Step 8: Things to Note

Your wallet might have a lot of air bubble in the tape, but that's fine because no one is gonna be able to see it! Plus it's shinier now. If it really bothers you you can pop the bubble with a safety pin or needle and flatten it out.

Duct tape may also be used here, but it is more permanent and may damage the wallet if you try to remove it.

If you found the wallet hard to keep closed try closing it and putting it under something heavy. At least now my textbooks have a use :)

Any questions just leave a comment. As I mentioned before this was my first instructable, so if I have done something that could be improved, comment! Thanks and I hope this worked for you.