Introduction: Easy Way to Check 18650 Battery Capacity

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This is a simple method for you to check your 18650 battery capacity.

Step 1: You Need

18650 charging module ( TP 4056 )

USB female port

18650 battery holder

USB doctor

USB loader

Step 2: Connecting

connect USB female port, battery holder and charging module like the photo.

Step 3: How to Measure Capacity

1. first, you put in the battery to the holder and connect USB loader.

2. after battery full discharge remove loader and connect to the charger and wait to fully charge.

3. after the complete charging process remove the charger and connect USB doctor.

( USB doctor display must be zero if it is not reset using push switch )

4. then connect USB loader to USB doctor.

5. wait to finish the process.

6. check your battery capacity.

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