Introduction: Easy Way to Make an Abstract Painting

Need an easy art project to do? I got the perfect one for you! This easy painting only takes 15 minutes and doesn't get too messy! This easy abstract painting technique will give you the perfect piece in a short amount of time!


  • A blank white 8x10 to 16x20 canvas
  • A pack of paintbrushes varying in size
  • One roll of ½” to 1” Masking Tape (cheapest at Walmart or Hobby Lobby)
  • Any choice of 4 or more colors of acrylic paint (it’s best to add white and black to your list)
  • A cup (could be plastic or glass)
  • A paper plate (or if you ran out you could use any container, box, or even newspaper that will allow you to put down your various colors of paint)

Step 1: Lay Out All Your Materials

Make sure you have all of them before you start! Fill your cup with water for cleaning your brushes. Layout your paper plate, newspaper or unfold your box to put your paint on.

Step 2: Plan Your Canvas

Take out your canvas and plan where you want to place your tape. (This step can be mentally done as you put the tape on the canvas or you can draw your plan with a pencil.) This canvas can be painted in portrait or landscape (vertical or hortizontal) how you desire!

Step 3: Place Tape on Your Canvas

Take the masking tape and pull strip and pull it along the canvas placing the line across the canvas in any direction. (NOTE: Leave a little bit of excess tape on the sides to make sure it folds onto the back of the canvas.)

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat step 4 until you have multiple strips across the canvas in the design you planned.

Step 5: Take Out Your Paintbrushes

Take 3 paintbrushes out of your pack of brushes. (One for larger shapes, one for medium shapes, and one for small shapes.)

Step 6: Begin Painting a Shape

Choose your first color, choose which paintbrush is best to use, dip the brush into the color of choice and paint inside of one of the shapes created by the tape. If you desire to use the same paintbrush for a different color clean your brush. (Described in next step)

Step 7: Clean Your Brush

Take the brush you finished painting the shape with a swirl it around to clean the brush of the paint color. Allow the brush to dry for another use.

Step 8: Paint Another Shape

Take another color with another brush of choice and paint inside another shape. If using a paintbrush you cleaned by swirling it in water, dab the brush on your paper plate, newspaper, or box to make sure it dry. You can also swipe it across your hand after to make sure it's completely dry.

Step 9: Repeat Until Canvas Is Covered

Repeat step 8 until the rest of your canvas is filled.

Step 10: (Optional Step) Add Something Extra

Add some designs inside each shape or all over the canvas. You can splatter paint or create your own design! (Note: To keep mess to minimum take the brush close to the canvas and flick the brush with your fingers while moving it around the canvas.)

Step 11: Let Paint Dry

Let the paint dry on the canvas for about 15-30 seconds.

Step 12: Peel Off the Tape

Peel off each strip of tape SLOWLY starting with the one that you place on the canvas last (the strip that is on the top), then work your way down. Be careful not to smear the paint while doing this!

Step 13: Admire Your New Art

Allow your art to completely dry and admire your piece!