Introduction: Easy Wire Wrap Tools

When working with pins and headers found most of the time the so called dupoint wires broken into pieces, even the new purchased wires only with headers but no copper inside, dun know what to do with plastic tube. But hard solder it made it not reusable, so I built an easy wire wrap tools for remedy.

Actually I want to buy a wire warp pin as I have used it in the old day, called wire wrap gun as it used motor driven, but cannot found the pin or the gun today, only the wires are still available.

The only material is a piece of tin plate from waste can, about 1 inch square is enough. the top can plate can made it. Roll the plate over a 1.5mm drill bit one round and apply solder to the inner edge, then insert a piece of resistor lead about 0.7mm and wrap it over to create two holes in line, cut the rest plate and apply solder to fix.

Step 1: Screw It

Check photos and found how the two holes are aligned, I soldered a copper rod at the end for easy handling. To operate strap off the wire about 2cm and insert into small hole, insert the large hole into the header pin, hold the wire with your left hand and turn with your right hand clockwise screw action, you should have a practical wire wrap connection, if you want to remove the wire just un-screw it out from the bottom side, no solder paste needed and always reusable.