Introduction: Easy Wood Inlays

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Wooden bowtie or butterfly inlays will help to keep cracked boards from cracking further and add not just security, but beauty as well. I found one of the best and easiest ways to create perfectly flush inlays in minutes.

Step 1: Install Guide Bushing and Sub Base

You will need:

Each kit requires a sub base for your router that will accept the guide bushing that comes with the kit. If you're having trouble finding the specific sub base you need for your router, check out their website. They sell custom sub bases for common routers. Now, you can install the centering pin provided in the kit. The ensures that the inlay edges come out perfectly smooth. When you are done installing the centering pin, you can install the guide bushing, ensure that it is centered, then remove the centering pin.

Step 2: Install Bit and Set Depth

Once the centering pin is removed, you can now install the bit. The bit provided in the kit is a downward spiral bit that is perfect for removing the waste from inside in the inlay.

To set the depth of the bit, use two templates on top of each other and make sure the bit is flush with both of those templates.

Choose which size inlay you want, insert it into the mainframe and clamp the mainframe to your piece. Make sure that the logo is facing up.

Step 3: Route Out Waste

Now, you can begin to remove the waste from inside the inlay. Make sure you insert the bit into the middle of the inlay to make sure you don't accidentally hit the template.

From here, move to the edge of the template, go in a clockwise motion, then sweeping motion to route out the middle.

When you are finished, allow the router to come to a complete stop, then remove the router.

Step 4: Chisel Out Corners and Install Inlays

Now, you can chisel out the corners since the router can't make crisp corners.

Every inlay comes with a line on the bottom. Make sure it is right side up, put glue in what you just removed, and install the inlay. To install, put wood over the inlay and hit with a mallet.

Step 5: Finished Results!

That's it! Slab Stitcher provides a way to make perfect inlays in just minutes. You can choose from different species, different sizes, and different shapes.