Introduction: Easy Wreath

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a wreath that can be made for any holiday or type of season. I apologize for I didn't have a big enough space or a way to take pictures using the vine that is used in the actual Wreath, but I did take pictures of the process using a ribbon and will be writing description of each process which I took to make this Wreath.


Ribbon-Used in the examples and turned into a Bow for the Wreath

Vine-The material used to make the Wreath

Scissors-To cut the ribbon and any pieces of vine not wanted

Loppers-To cut down the Vine if necessary.

Step 1: Creating a Circle

Create a circle with your material. Hold the end of the material with the end of the circle. You will still have material connecting to your circle. The picture above shows the ribbon is a circle with ribbon still connecting. I did this with a vine to get the Wreath you see.

Step 2: Going Through the Circle

One hand will be holding your circle together and your other hand will be taking the remaining material and looping it through the circle until they run out of material. In this picture you can see the ribbon being pulled through the circle.I did this with a vine to get the Wreath you see.

Step 3: Looping Is Complete

When you have looped through the circle till you had no more material left you should have gotten something that looks similar to this picture. You don't have to glue the ends together if you don't want to the ends of the material should stay together because of the looping.I did this with a vine to get the Wreath you see.

Step 4: Add a Bow

Add any bow you like to your project to make it more decorative. I put this Pinecone ribbon on my vine Wreath to make it more decorative.

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