Introduction: Easy Zentangle Design for Beginners


This tutorial is about how to to draw an easy zentangle design.

This is fairly an easy tutorial as compared to my other ones.

Request you to please Watch this video how it is done and refer the pictures as well.

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Step 1: Lets Begin With the Star Shape

In the first step, begin with drawing a circle of any radius, with the help of a compass.

With the radius only cut the circle line one after the other as shown in the video, it will cut exactly 6 times.

Now join the cuts we made on the circle line and remove the previous circle line.

Now from each side you have draw long triangle as shown in the picture,

and draw a line from all three corners and connect to its center.

Step 2: Bigger Star Shape This Time

After step one.

In this step, the bigger triangle we did in our previous step, draw line from the tip of it on both sides but slightly far away from the previous triangle.

As shown in the picture, once you are done you will be with a star like structure outside of the triangle that v made in step 1.

Now make a small triangle in between the cones of the star shape.

Step 3: Blue Print Is DONE..

Well in this step firstly make a circle connecting all the tip of the triangles.

Well in the center we have to connect all the corners of the shape we did in step 1.

After connecting we will get a flower shape, and out blueprint is done.

Step 4: Color Time

Well now we will fill start filling the shapes.

We will first fill the empty space between the triangles and the circle we made.

then fill the color in the left side of the bigger triangle we did in step 1.

Step 5: Half Way Through

Now in the center piece as well fill it with black color in the left side of the flower shape.

And draw straight small lines in the edge sides on the outside of the bigger triangle that we did in step 2

Step 6: Almost Done..

As shown in the picture the small triangles section left in the piece.

Draw straight lines like a ray like shape in it.

Step 7: Its Done..

Now with the triangles left we will draw my all time favorite pattern in it.

but in bigger triangles we will draw the pattern in clock wise shape

And in the small triangles we will draw it in Anti clock wise pattern.

As shown in the video and pictures.

I hope you liked it.

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