Introduction: Easy Ziptie/key-tag Cable Managment

everybody has a working desk with tons of cables running behind it.

i had a problem with all my cables always being on the ground hogging up dust.

so with some plastic keytags/ziptie's i made a easy cable managmant.

its not the most pretty one, but its sure efficient


at least 30-50

zip ties.

or key tags

other stuff:

hook srews (only for wooden desks)

magnets, for desks withouth any hook-on place with metal frame.

i have used key-tags,

but the principle works the same for zip-tie's

Step 1: Manage All Cablles

first you need to keep all cables to their bare minimum lengt, while still having the bundled part floating under the desk.

do this for all thin cables

Step 2: Make the Carry Arc for the Cables

now you can make the arc that holds the cables afloat.

hook this up at the back most table legs/support.

then interlock all ziptie/ keytags.

make 2 robes from each side.

now lead the cables trough the holes of the zip-ties

after you have leaded all cables trough the zip-tie's, connect the 2 ziptie cables.

make sure no cable touches the ground,

this way you can prevent dust/ other junk that can get between cables.

Step 3: Make Extra Support

if the weight of the cables is to heavy, you can create a extra arc of zip-ties for more support

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