Introduction: Easy and Awesome Paper Water Bomb or Balloon

Hello All readers!

This Instructable will show you how to make a waterbomb.

This design WILL hold water and CAN be filled with colored water or glitter filled water!

The waterbomb is a piece of origami tradition that should be passed down through generations and not to be forgotten!

So with no further intro to be read, lets get started!

Step 1: The First Step!

First, You will need a square piece of paper.

When you have that you need to crease both diagonals and make the horizontal and vertical creases as shown.

You will end up with a piece of paper like in the picture.

After that you will need to fold it into a waterbomb base.

Step 2: Step Two.

To fold into a waterbomb base you will need to fold the top down to the base and then using the diagonal lines you will need to push the top corners into the fold like in the picture.

If you dont like the look of the next step you can click here for another idea made by me!

This is only the second step, Lets move on to step three!

Step 3:

Wow, You made it!

In this step you will have to fold the bottom corners of the triangle upwards to meet the top of the triangle thus creating a square.
You should notice that you have four corners (two on the front and two on the back) you will need to separate these and fold the front one forward and the back one backwards respectively.

Step 4: The Fourth Step

Now you are going to need to fold in the side corners to meet in the middle.

Make sure that you fold the front corners to the front and the back corners to the back.

Step 5: This Might Be a Little Complexed

You will need to tuck the top corners into the folds you made in the last step.

Make sure that you pre-fold them and it will be a lot easier.

This is probably the hardest step, You also have to make sure that you "lock" the flaps in place or they will pop out in the inflation.

Step 6: Inflation!

OK, Now you have an empty, flat and boring piece of art. This Instructable was just a joke!!

Got you on that one!

Now for step six, In the top of the bomb will be a small hole (if you made it wrong there will NOT be any hole!)

You will need to blow into this hole and it should inflate like in the pictures.

Once it is inflated then you have to go to step 7.

Step 7: The Fun Part...

Now all you have to do is pour some water into the inflation hole and stockpile for battle!

Tips on battling with the weapons of origami:

  1. Do not throw too hard or it might burst in your hand.
  2. Try not to wet the outside much, it will weaken the bomb
  3. This is a close range weapon, Great for sniping
  4. When stockpiling, do NOT stack as they will burst under pressure!
  5. Fold enough that you learn these off heart and they will get easier to fold
  6. Have plenty of paper on hand in the heat of the battle
  7. If you want a long range bomb try folding 1 with 3 pieces of paper
  8. You can add food coloring and use it like paintball (careful with the food coloring as it can stain)
  9. Try to have a few unfilled ones in stock and fill when needed
  10. Most importantly, Have FUN!!!!! If you do not have fun, I have no suggestions!
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