Introduction: Easy and Super Yummy Cannoli!!

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The phone rang, an acquaintance that were in the neighborhood and wondered if she could visit us for a cup of coffee.

I had nothing to serve and my head was spinning - that was the time I tried this the first time.

The construction has evolved since then but I still use the same three ingredients (if you count the powder sugar).

It's super easy and very delicious - so, let's get started!

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools


200 g of Nutella or other hazelnut cream label

2 sheets (10*10 cm) of puff paste

Powder sugar to decorate



Oven paper


Icing bag (plastic bag works fine)


Step 2: Before Oven

Let the puff paste unfreeze, takes about 5-10 minutes

Tuck it so it is really thin, look at my pictures to get an idea of how thin, it expands a lot in the oven.

I then cut each square in 4 squares (8 squares in total)

Roll 8 sheets of tinfoil to form cones and roll them into the puff paste.

Lay them on a baking sheet and put it in a preheated oven at 220*C for about 10 minutes.

Look at the color of the cones to get correct time.

Step 3: After Oven

Let them cool before removing the tinfoil.

Put the hazelnut cream in the icing bag and squeeze it into the cones. Be generous, hazelnut cream is to die for ;)

Put the pastries unto a nice plate and add powder sugar.

Ready to enjoy!

(and yes, the acquaintance was impressed :) )

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