Introduction: Easy Bomber Jet Plane

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Making a bomber  jet plane is so easy you'll really love it!

Step 1: Th Materials

First you need all the materials.
a bond paper
small paper for ammo

Step 2: Folding the Paper

Fold the paper properly and exactly in half if you don't everything will go wrong
Im just kidding. But do fold it nicely

Step 3: Starting the Plane

Open up the paper and fold the corners to the centerline
and there will be to middle corners fold those down to look like the picture

Step 4: Making the Plane

Fold the whole thing in half and fold the wing down like this

Step 5: Going There!

Now repeat folding the wing it will look like this.
adjust the wings.

Step 6: Just a Cut and a Crumple Away

Cut a big whole (not too big or small!)
and make bombs smaller than the hole, out of a small paper

Step 7: We're Finished!

Now this is your bomber jet plane! 
make the creases exact and proper.    
Tilt the plane in an acute angle facing up so the bombs will fall out in time
you may tape the middle of the plane if its not working for you.
voila a paper bomber jet plane and bonus tips!
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