Introduction: Easy Certificate Holder.

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Everyone likes to show off their accolades, so I made this for a friend. You can easily adapt this project for photos also. Very quick and easy to do.

Step 1: What's Needed.

Foam poster board (you can usually get them in different colors from the Dollar store.)
Solid stick glue
Freezer bags (or the like)
The certificate to mount.

Step 2: Cut the Poster Board.

You will want to cut two same size pieces that are larger than the certificate. You choice of how large of border you want. A razor cutter knife is perfect for this.

Step 3: Prepare the Window Section.

Take one of the sections you just cut.  Lay the certificate in the center as best you can. Mark around the certificate. Remove the certificate out of the way. Cut out the center for the window.

Step 4: Safe Area.

Take the window piece and overlay it with the other piece of poster board. Draw a line on the inside of the window. This way you will know where not to glue.

Step 5: Prepare the Window.

Take the largely uncut piece of posterboard to mark the plastic. Cut the plastic piece.

Step 6: Now It All Comes Together.

Now take the back and glue around the box you drew on three sides. That way you can remote the certificate if you need to. place down the plastic. Glue on top of the plastic outside the lines again on the same three sides. Place the top frame on the glue. Let set to dry. After drying, insert your certificate.. If you are in a hurry, just make a copy of the certificate and insert it into the frame and glue it all at once. Black poster board might have looked nicer, but I preferred just to use the white poster board I had for this first one I did.

Step 7: Foam Board Projects Are Fun.

We went on to build his project. Always nice to make a prototype first.

Step 8: Use the Posterboard for a Stand.

Not only can you use a posterboard for your touchpads, but they can be used for the document holder.