Introduction: Easy Chinese Dinner

Here is a quick and cheap alternative to a takeaway that you can make with a few store cupboard ingredients.

Step 1: Chopping the Ingredients

The meat in this meal is some slow cooked pork I had stored in the freezer. I bought a large join on offer which did around five meals, so this portion worked out around £2. The pork falls apart pretty easily when you start chopping. Mine had just been defrosting a few hours but can also be easily defrosted in the microwave. I then chopped mushroom, aubergine and spring onions. You can do all sorts to prepare an aubergine but it cooks fine from raw straight into a soy based dish.

Step 2: Get Your Frying Started

Here is a cheap but yummy selection of supermarket work oil, sesame oil and soy sauce. Chinese supermarkets are also a good source of these items. I combined these ingredients together and got them nice and hot before starting to fry the ingredients.

Step 3: Frying and Adding Spice

I added the meat and fried for a couple of minutes then added the pre-chopped vegetables. I also added dried ginger and chilli. Then I added some ready to wok type noodles, more soy and spice and fried for two more minutes or so. Your meal is now ready to serve, much cheaper and quicker than a takeaway.