Introduction: Bargain 4th Birthday Card

I wanted to make a cute and unique card for my step-daughters birthday without spending a fortune. I'm a total beginner at card making and therefore don't have a big stash of goodies built up. The materials pictured are mostly from a 99p store, Lidl and the card was freecycled.

Step 1: Making a Nameplate With Lidl Papers

I found a page in the book of papers that had some birthday designs. Then I simply drew an outline name on one of the images and coloured it with gel pens.

Step 2: Layering Up My Insert

Next I layered up a background paper from the same book with the nameplate and put it all together using sticky fixer pads.

Step 3: Making the Front of the Card

The front of the card was made with yet more papers from the book and some stick on hearts and numbers from the 99p store. Again all fixed with sticky fixers.

Step 4: The Finished Article

Here's the finished card. I still have plenty of materials left to make more items and everything only cost a few pounds.