Introduction: Easy to Locate Lot Line Markers

When I built my house almost 30 years ago I had one granite marker put in and the property was staked out. Before I moved in my neighbor removed the stakes, a criminal act, I know it was him because he admitted it 28 years later. This guy is just one of those miserable types: mows his grass from the middle out so that he shoots his clipping and leaves onto the neighbors lawns. In the fall he blows his leaves into the street. I could go on with all the un-neighborly (self centered) things he does but I don't have all day, let's just say he is the "Frank Barone" of the neighborhood.

I recently had my lot re-surveyed because I want to put up a shed on the side he is on and didn't want any hastles. When it was done I decided this wasn't happening again, so besides the serveyor "pinning" the corners I decided to put markers about every 25 feet along the new line.


10 pieces of re-bar 2 feet long.

1 Bag of re-bar caps, mushroom type


Mason String

3lb Sledge Hammer

Long measuring tape I got a cheap one from Harbor freight, 165ft for about $13 plus a 20% discount.

Step 1: String It Up and Pound Them In.

Run your string from one marker to the next measure off your distance, my string is to the outside of the post so I centered it on the post by setting it about an inch back.

Pound your re-bar so that it is at or just slightly below surface level.

Pull the grass away from the post exposing the ground.

Place the cap over the re-bar and push.

NOTE: this is easiest the day after a good rain.

Once at ground level lightly tap it with the sledge to set it slightly below.

One optional step instead of pressing them on:

Slightly dig out around the rebar 1 inch or so.

Fill the cup the re-bar cap with 1-2 inches of outdoor construction adhesive then press them on.

Important Final Step:

For sanity sake draw a picture showing location distances between pins on graph paper. Make sure you measure the distance between 2 foundation corners and at least one pin on each side (two if you are paranoid) mark it on the map. Make copies (save multiple places) and always leave one posted in the garage for quick reference.

You should now be able to find your lot line easily, even if the caps are removed, your map will let you triangulate from 2 foundation corners to the same pin. From that you can measure out along what you believe to be the lot line until you locate the second one. Once you have two you can measure off to get all of them.

Step 2: