Introduction: Remove Rebar From Ground Easy As Archimedes.

I have an old garden that is now shadowed by trees. The 5x5 ties around it are held in place by 2ft rebar. Now that I am building a shed I want to remove it. Using just a chain, quicklink pry bar and a rock it is easy. Using some old school Physics.

This method works in tight quarters, the fulcrum is outside of the area, as you can see here mine are in a hole. The chain is the only thing you need room for.

Step 1: With a Firm Place to Stand I Can Move the Earth.


Pry bar (lever, an invaluable tool this one is nearly 100 years old, I have a second that is at least 60)

rock (fulcrum)

Chain (links 1/4 thick mine was hanging around since my apartment days to lock my propane tank) galvanized has a better bite for this application.

Quick Link (C shaped chain link that has knut and bolt, match the chain)


Wrap the chain around the bar twice, one on top of the other, then one more under the other two.

Apply the quick link tighten, and twist chain once.

Slide the pry bar into the loop you just made, let chain go to the bottom.

Push down on the pry bar using it as a lever (making sure it bites into the post).

Lift bar up and allow cain to slide down the rebar and repeat until out.

You may had to use your hand to tighten the chain, get it out of the way when you push down.

Also leave enough of the bar through the chain so that the chain does not slip out of the loop.

The pictures are noted and the video shows it all but being in a hole sometimes my hands got in the way, so I added a few pictures of the chain attachment outside the hole (it started to rain so I pulled just two and went in the garage to take a few pictures of the chain attachment).