Introduction: Easy to Make, Tasty and Crispy Pizza Dough

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In my previous "Instructables" I showed you how to bake French Baguettes <===> French Baguettes which has a big success! I was getting asked if I had also a recipe for a crispy Pizza dough, sure I have; here we go.


T45 flour


Bakers yeast: in the Supermarket or in the bakery

Olive oil

Water (+/- 30° C)


Corn meal (Polenta)

Step 1: The Ingredients and the Dough

Here the list for the ingredients:

  • 350 g T45 flour
  • 10 g salt
  • 21 g bakers yeast (NOT dry one)
  • 3 soup spoons of olive oil
  • 250 ml water (+/- 30°C / 86°F)
  • 2 TS of sugar
  • 30-40 g pre-cooked "Cornmeal" (Polenta)

With the shown measures you will get two pizzas. of the size of 25-30 cm.

I use a Aicok Standmixer, but you can do the job as well with your hands; just a bit not so comfortable ;)

In the Stainless Steel Bowl of the Standmixer put: 350 g T45 flour and make a hole in the middle where you put 250 g of water, on the top beside the T45 flour put 10 g salt, in the hole where the water is put 21 g baker yeast and a bit sugar. Take a fork and mix it till the yeast is dissolved, let it rest for +/- 20 minutes. You should see a certain fermentation now. NOW, let the Standmixer run on speed 1 for about +/- 30 seconds and then put in the Cornmeal. The addition of the Cornmeal is what it makes a crispy dough! Let it mix for around +/- 5 minutes and then change to maximum speed that long till the dough doesn't stick anymore on the side of the steel bowl. Put a bit flour around and on the top of the dough, put some flour on both hands, detach the dough from the borders of the steel bowl (it is a wet dough...) and form a sort of a sphere... Put some flour on the bottom of the steel bowl and put the dough back... Recover it with a wet cloth and let it rest for +/- 1-2 hours.

Step 2: Working Out the Dough and Shaping the Dough to a Round Pizza Style

After the rest-time take the dough out of its recipient, press a bit to take the air out and knead it for a while. Cut it into two pieces and form a sort of a sphere (ball) like shown in the picture. With the shown measures you will get two pizzas.

Sprinkle some flour on the work surface and ALSO pre-cooked Cornmeal as shown in the picture. The addition of the Cornmeal is what it makes a crispy dough!

Use your hands now to form a round style shape up to +/- 25-30 cm, this will take a bit time till you stretched it! Turn the dough sometimes up/down, so that you get the Cornmeal well into the dough.

Put a baking sheet paper on your metal oven baking pan and put the Pizza dough on it.Now we are ready to garnish the Pizza with the ingredients we want.

Step 3: Garnishing the Pizza With OUR Ingredients

The MOST interesting and funny while baking the Pizza ourselves is that we can chose WHAT we will take for garnishing it!!

You might find some ideas here:

Te MOST important is the special tomato-sauce; or you cook it yourself when having the time, or you use an already prepared one as I do. Please check picture above. Put 4-5 soup spoons on the dough and dispense it all over the dough.

Up to dispense the MOZZARELLA cheese (as much as you want...), followed by other ingredients of your choice.

Personally I like Salami and ham topped by "Roasted peppers in oil", tasty, delicious...

Meanwhile pre-heat the oven the maximum of temperature which is about +/- 240°-260° C / 464°F-500°F.

Step 4: The Baking

Once the temperature of the oven reached, put your metal oven baking pan on the bottom of the oven (NOT in the middle as usual...) so that it gets the full contact heat and wait +/- 10 minutes, or a bit longer... Observe till you see that the Pizza is becoming a nice color (see PICs...) and take it out.

Bon appétit.

Step 5: Flour Numbering and Naming Systems

As I got a lot of questions in the comments section about the different flour numbering and naming systems, here some comparison tables.

Here some links: