Easy to Make Hot & Sweet Pickle Spears




Introduction: Easy to Make Hot & Sweet Pickle Spears

Hello again!
These pickles are a little HOT and a little SWEET. They are also very easy to make!  We enjoy serving these with other appetizers at summer outings and sports parties. They are also good on sandwiches. Preparation takes about a half an hour, and then it is best if they sit for about two weeks before you serve them. There are only three ingredients. A gallon of whole dill pickles, 4 cups of sugar, and 8 ounces of green hot sauce… Red hot sauce just does not work right.

Step 1: Drain...

Start by draining the whole dill pickles. The juice will not be used in this recipe.

Step 2: Cut...

The pickles are then cut lengthwise twice. You will have four pickle spears from each whole dill pickle. Just put them back into your empty jar.

Step 3: Sugar...

Now add four cups of sugar.

Step 4: And Spice...

Next add 8 ounces of green hot sauce. At this point, it looks like this will never work…

Step 5: Now Roll...

What I do now is put the lid on the jar and tighten it real tight!.. Then I sit on a carpeted floor and roll the jar from side to side for ten minutes. That’s it!

This is what the pickles look like after ten minutes. As time goes by, the juices get clearer, and the pickles get hotter and sweeter.

Wait two weeks (if you can) and enjoy!

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    9 years ago

    I do almost the same except I pour my juice into a pan, heat it to dissolve the sugar, and use sliced jalapeños in place of hot sauce.