Introduction: Easy to Make Laptop Sleeve

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I recently acquired a fancy new laptop and realized that I need to transport it safely from one office to the next.  Since I've never owned a Mac before, I decided it deserved it's own handmade laptop sleeve.  Using a plushy liner fabric the laptop will be cushioned and supported so that it does not get injured in any way. 

Step 1: Materials

You'll want to get two fabrics, one for the lining and one for the outer material.  I chose a plush lining for extra cushioning and to make sure that it didn't scratch the computer.  My outer material is a more durable canvas (and just happens to be pretty awesome, who doesn't love dogs?).

Make sure you have good shears to cut your material.

Some sort of measuring device so you can determine how large your device is.

And your device, don't forget it because you'll want the dimensions.

Step 2: Measure Your Device

I used the cutting mat beneath my laptop to measure its dimensions, but you can use any other tools (ruler, tape measure, magic) to obtain the size.

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Fold the fabric over and with the dimensions you just obtained, cut the material down with an extra inch (or more) on every side.  If you want to have a flap on top of the sleeve, make sure to leave this additional material.  Using your device, confirm that you've cut the fabric to the appropriate size, because it never hurts to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Foolishly I did this in two steps, but it can be done at once.

Step 4: Sew!

So, just about five minutes ago I realized again how I was incredibly foolish with this project.  You should be able to sew the pieces together without first making separate containers.  ::facepalm::  Here is how I managed to sew my pieces.

I first pinned each piece so that it had a proper sized opening for the laptop.  Then I sewed each side to make the pocket.  Of course I checked to make sure that the laptop fit (I'm overly cautious).

Once I had done this with both materials, I turned the lining inside out and placed it around the outer fabric.  With this construction I sewed up the remaining edges leaving a small hole so I could pull the pieces right side out.

Step 5: Pull the Piece Right Side Out

Using the gap you left in the seam, pull the material through so that the correct side of each is out.  After doing this, sew the gap closed (I used the machine because I'm lazy).

Step 6: And There You Have It!

Now you have a badass laptop sleeve that you can use.  Hopefully you weren't as foolish as me and saved some time and energy in creating your own.