Introduction: Edible Googly Eyes!

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Edible Googly Eyes!
Make them with just 3 things!

The perfect touch to little cupcake or dessert toppers!
And perfect for Halloween food too!

For the eyes, you'll need:
Gelatin Caps
pearls or confetti sprinkles
Marshmallow fondant

Step 1: Marshmallow Fondant

Here's how to make the fondant.
(There's a bunch of instructables on check them out if this isn't clear enough)

It's fun to mold...and great for cupcake toppers!
You'll need: Powdered sugar, marshmallows and water.

Put 4 oz. of marshmallows in a microwave bowl
with 1 tablespoon of water.
Heat them up in the microwave for about a minute until they are puffy!
Stir them up.
Add powdered sugar until smooth and able to handle.
(I didn't just have to keep adding it until it's clay like enough)

Step 2: Eyeball Prep Time!

Sprinkle powdered sugar on a silpat or counter.
Put a little bit of the fondant on it.  Roll it thin with a rolling pin.
about 1/8 inch.

Get your sprinkles and gel caps ready.
Use scissors to cut off the ends of the gel caps.

Step 3: Eyeball Making Time!

On the rolled out fondant...
Place a pearl or sprinkle...
Place the gel cap over the top...
And press the gel cap onto the fondant...
Pick it up and it should stay in place!
It's perfect and wiggly!

Make some matching sets.
Think of all the occasions you could use these...
Add them to fondant figures for cupcake toppers!
Great for Halloween!

Step 4: Pumpkin Time!

Now for the cute pumpkins!
We added some orange food coloring to some of the white fondant...
And some green to a little bit of the white...

Rolled the orange into balls...pumpkins!
Used a toothpick to create lines...
Add a green stem...
And, of course, add the googly eyes!

Then create a little scene of friendly pumpkins!

Step 5: Decorate or Eat!

Great toppers for cakes or cupcakes...brownies or other fun Halloween dessert!

Hope you liked this instructable--we had so much fun!

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