Introduction: Edible Sugar Glitters and Edible Choclate Bowls

Edible sugar glitters can be used for decorating on icecreams,cookies,cupcakes and can also be used as glitter shine on border of some glass and chocolate bowls. This can be a natural way with no chemicals using natural food colors to add serious spark to your drab desserts. sugar glitters can be preserved for 6 months by keeping away from light in an air tight container or ziplock bag.

Ingredients required:

white granulated or crystalline Sugar about 1/4 cup for each color

Different food colors of your choice

Baking paper


-Take about 1/4 cup of granulated sugar in different bowls

-.Add 5 to 6 drops of food colors in bowls you have taken

-Food colors can be prepared even at home using natural food items in kitchen like spinach, cocoa powder, turmeric.

-I prepared my food colors at home.

-After adding food colors to sugar mix properly,

-Now transfer to baking sheet and bake at 180 degrees for 10 mins.

-Temp should not be too high. Their are chances for sugar to melt.

-After 10 mins remove from the oven. Sugar will be little stiff. Cool for sometime, break in to pieces and store powder in glass jars.

Step 1: Edible Choclate Bowls:

I love serving the dessert in edible chocolate bowls and I also love because they are so easy to make. These bowls can be filled with an ice cream or your favourite fruit custard or pudding.

Ingredients required:

chocolate pieces


Any oil or Crisco spray

Baking paper

Step 2: Procedure:

-clean and dry the balloons. Blow the balloon and tie with a knot.

-Apply some oil or Crisco spray to the base of the balloon so that chocolate comes out easily without sticking while removing it.

-Take the chocolate and cut into small pieces.

TEMPER the chocolate:

-Correct melting the chocolate is very important. Otherwise the chocolate might burn.

-place the chocolate pieces in microwave for about 30 secs and then mix it.Then again keep for 15 secs.

-Slowly reduce the time span and mix in regular intervals. The amount of time taken depends on the quantity of chocolate.

-If you place the chocolate on a strip of paper and if choclate settles in 2 to 3 mins correct tempering is done or else you have to add more chocolate pieces and melt.

Step 3: Making Choclate Bowls and Decorating With Sugar Glitters:

- Turn the base of the balloon upwards. cool the melted choclate.Now slowly pour the choclate on the base of the balloon.

-choclate starts dripping down. Leave it so that we can cut extra pieces after bowl is formed.

-Take a baking paper. Place little choclate liquid on baking paper

-Place the balloon on the baking paper where we applied choclate liquid.

-Don't disturb it and leave outside for 1 hr. Or you can refrigerate it for 10 mins.

-Now slowly cut near the knot with scissor and allow the air to expel slowly.Be careful while puncturing .The balloon might burst and bowl can break.

- slowly remove the balloon from the bowl.

-sugar glitters can be applied on the border of choclate bowls for sparking effect.

-serve puddings,icecream,fruit custard in choclate bowls and enjoy.

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